Infant Formula is Bullsh*t w/ Kaleb Valdez

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Infant Formula is Bullsh*t w/ Kaleb Valdez

Kaleb Valdez, DC, author of “Starving Babies,” rightfully argues that infant formula is the equivalent of feeding your kiddo junk food. Unless necessary, run as fast as you can away from the formula aisle at the store and head in the direction of your local raw dairies and breast milk donation station before you inadvertently wreck your newborn’s physical and mental health. The importance of breastfeeding goes way beyond the nutritional components. It’s also critical for co-regulation between a mother and her new baby, the structure of the baby’s jaw and palate, and so much more. Kaleb doesn’t hold back in this expose of BigFood’s relentless pursuit to replace “liquid gold” with processed formula. 

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Infant Formula is Bullsh*t w/ Kaleb Valdez

Mar 20, 2024