The Beloved Holistics Private Society, styled as an unincorporated Private Contract Association (“PCA”), exists for the mutual benefit of all its members, and can only serve those who are united in the common purpose to claim our birthright of and for self-determination, and to fulfill the Vision, Beliefs and Mission of the Society.  All members agree that all living beings are created equal and not to purposely harm any other being in pursuit of these goals.

  1. Members understand and agree that all activities of Beloved Holistics PCA are of a private nature, and the PCA does not operate in commerce or in the public system. This means the PCA and its relationship with its members are not subject to the codes and statutes of the public system, nor of any jurisdiction other than the FreedomWorks Ecclesiastical Court.  All members agree that any harm or issues requiring resolution will be submitted to the FreedomWorks Ecclesiastical Court (comprised of Society members) who will settle such disputes in a peaceful and equitable manner. Members agree that the conclusions of this Court are binding and cannot be overturned or superseded by any external court or entity.

  2. The Beloved Holistics PCA offers membership education and developmental tools and resources which are intended but not guaranteed to improve the lives of its members. It does NOT provide legal, tax or medical advice or instruction of any kind.  All members enter the Beloved Holistics PCA of their own voluntary expression of Will and are fully responsible for the results of their involvement.

  3. Members agree to hold all proprietary materials of the PCA in the strictest of confidence and never distribute such materials outside the confines of membership.

  4. Any and all amounts conveyed to the PCA are private membership donations.


  1. All members of the Beloved Holistics PCA agree to keep confidential and honor a Covenant of Silence regarding all proprietary materials (contracts, educational materials, private correspondence, etc.) distributed to members and that no attempt will be made to circumvent this agreement or share proprietary materials with anyone outside of the membership including but not limited to any public officer, representative or agent of any public corporation or jurisdiction; including but not limited to “government” officials of the federal UNITED STATES, individual STATES or foreign countries, any corporate entities, or public courts.

  2. Any publicly available information on the website (anything accessible without logging into the website) is not considered proprietary and may be shared freely. 

  3. Members agree this confidentially, non-circumvention and non-disclosure affirmation will extend beyond any termination of membership for a period of five years.


All members agree and affirm that:

  1. No work of the PCA should be construed as legal, medical or tax advice or instruction of any kind, and that members of the PCA are NOT attorneys or CPAs or licensed medical professionals and have no formal training in law, accounting or medicine, unless specifically noted otherwise for a particular member.

  2. All materials, education and instruction are based solely on the beliefs, understanding and experience of other members of the association, and are offered at the voluntary request of each member for their own benefit and use in their own private affairs.

  3. All members that choose to engage with or take action based on the resources of the association do so with full self-responsibility under their own voluntary expression of Will and without any implied guarantee of results.

  4. All members agree to hold harmless and indemnify the PCA and all of its Members against any and all claims, decisions or judgments as a result of their involvement in the association.

For collaborators only:

WHEREAS, the Collaborator and the Physician desire to enter into a Collaborative Agreement

WHEREAS, this Collaborative Agreement is entered by and between the Collaborator and the Physician for the purpose of educating them on disease processes and the risks, benefits, and alternatives to interventions in birth as commonly practiced within the conventional model, including medications.

WHEREAS, this agreement is not a substitute for the independent clinical judgment of the Collaborator on the specific needs of the patient. The Collaborator shall remain responsible and accountable based on their scope of practice as defined by their state or federal licensing agencies.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. All of the foregoing are a part of this agreement and are not mere recitals.

2. This agreement shall not be construed as limiting, in any way or to any extent, the scope of practice

3. The Physician may prescribe medications on behalf of the Collaborator and his/her patient/client utilizing the physical assessment and other assessments of the Collaborator as a surrogate for the Physician’s personal application of his advanced clinical assessment skills due to the limitations of texting and emailing of the findings of these assessments.  

4. This agreement is not intended to serve as a substitute for the independent clinical judgment of the Collaborator based on specific needs of the patient and this agreement does not place increased liability on the Physician for those decisions made by the Collaborator, given the Collaborator’s limited engagement and assessment of the Collaborator’s patient or client. 

5. This agreement shall remain in effect unless terminated by either party with thirty (30) days notice.