Support for Midwives

What would your care of clients look like if you could consult easily with an open-minded OBGYN?


Support your clients with a board-certified OBGYN just a phone call away…

For years, I considered myself at odds with the conventional medical model, but I’ve realized that this is an infinite game. There are too many forces at play that interfere with the highest quality, most compassionate care for women..

Instead of Changing the System, I’m Supporting the Creation of a New One

I have decided that rather than “fight”, I’m going to help birth workers across the country by providing something that is currently VERY difficult to find: convenient access to open-minded, holistic OBGYN care and counsel for those who want help and support in clinical decision-making.

And thus, my midwife collaborator program was born.

Are you a Birthworker? I'm here to help

Ordering and interpreting labs, imaging, and pharmaceuticals can be daunting. In my opinion, the best approach is to avoid them altogether when possible, but this isn’t always possible.
When you enroll as a collaborator, you will have access to me in order to keep your patient/client out of the “system” whenever possible.
Ultimately, your role as a healer is to provide risks, benefits, and alternatives to all medical interventions. You can send your clients to local OBGYNS or other physicians, of course.
But, as we all know, the experience may not be pleasant. And the advice they receive will invariably fall within the confines of the medical corporate model.
This collaborator model allows you to have the support of the useful parts of the conventional model without giving up autonomy.

Frequently Asked Question

Who’s eligible?

CNM, CPM, MD, NP, and any practitioner who cares for women.

Do you order meds and labs? And are you willing to sign standing orders?

Yes, for the gold level collaborators

Are you licensed in my state?

I’m licensed in KY, TN, WI, AZ, UT, TX, FL, GA, MO, MI, OH, IN, CA, NC, IL, PA and VA. I’m willing to get licensed in additional states if required by your state to have this collaboration (Check with your state)

How does chart review work?

If your state requires chart review, you can either send me the relevant parts of charts to review or you can share your cases in peer review. I can sign an attendance sheet to confirm you were present.

Have additional questions?

Contact me.

Ready to enroll?

The Beloved Holistics Collaborator Program is ideal for any health care professional, health coach, midwife, or birth worker who would benefit from frequent collaboration with a holistic OBGYN to better serve their clients.

There are three levels to the program, and as an active subscriber, you will have consistent access to the benefits outlined here depending on the level that you choose to enroll in.

There are two levels, Silver, and Gold, with slightly different benefits and thus different prices:


per month

- Access to summaries ACOG Bulletins
- Clinical text/ phone support for imaging, labs, & counsel
- Discount on my services for your clients
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per month

Enjoy benefits of the Silver level in addition to:
- Peer Review 1x monthly
- Order for imaging, labs, & medications on your client behalf, including signing prescriptive authority agreements and getting licensed in your state.
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Do you have any questions?

Now that I am no longer bound by the confines of the conventional medical model and its focus on systematic profit above compassionate care, I am excited to provide this new level of support for birth workers and health coaches.
Instead of supporting insurance companies and “the system” at large, I am here to support awakened women people who seek healing. I am willing to become licensed in your state if required.
If you have questions about the Collaborator Program or any of the included benefits, please contact me.