The Autonomic Ladder and Polyvagal Strategies with Drs. Tamara MacIntyre and Monique Andrews

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The Autonomic Ladder and Polyvagal Strategies with Drs. Tamara MacIntyre and Monique Andrews

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Monique Andrews, MSc DC, DNM, and Tamara MacIntyre, MS, DC are embodiments of personal empowerment. In this episode, they offer clinical insight into polyvagal theory and how it contrasts with the over-simplistic view of the nervous system. Dr. Mac, a seasoned End of Life Doula (CEOLD) and doctor of natural medicine, is on a lifelong mission to deepen our understanding of the human body. Her latest quest encourages us to embrace curiosity over fear, guiding us through life's full spectrum, from birth to farewell. Dr. Mo is a trailblazing educator in embodied neuroscience. She leads transformative global seminars and co-founded innovative projects Cōpe and The Prana Foundation.

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