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I am a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine. I did my residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles before completing a fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Medicine at the University of California San Diego. I live in Louisville, KY, with my wife and children. Early in my career, I became disillusioned with the conventional medical model to meet many women's healthcare needs, and this prompted me to create a new patient-centered model that is holistic and biodynamic in nature but which also incorporates allopathic modalities when appropriate.

Here's what I offer...

  • Lifestyle coaching to keep you living your best life through disease and pain prevention

  • Natural fertility support

  • Holistic pregnancy consulting from pre-conception to postpartum, including evidence-based birth planning

  • Evidence-based second opinions related to childbirth or surgery decision-making

  • Collaboration with physicians, midwives, and other healthcare professionals to ensure personalized care

  • Conversation related to anything under the sun related to the biological or medical sciences

  • Counseling on holistic and natural alternatives to avoid drugs and surgery for common gynecological issues like pelvic pain, premenstrual syndrome, and heavy periods

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One-Time Session

Initial visits can be comprehensive and may require more than the standard 60 minutes. This visit may help you determine if you and I are compatible prior to subscribing through a time bank. You may also select this option for the occasional one-and-done session.

Time Bank

Become a time bank subscriber in order to have priority on my schedule so that you can meet with me as frequently as possible. This option is best if you anticipate that you will want to meet with me on more than one occasion.

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Office Hours + Live Q&A

Engage with me through email during set weekly office hours or during his weekly live Q&A videoconference to ask questions and hear questions from others. Details of the times and dates of these functions will be shared through my weekly newsletter. These functions are available to you at no fee. 


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Nathan Riley, MD, is one of the few real physicians in the world today. He is our family OBGYN and delivered my daughter (Zoe) by c-section after 72 hours of labor. He allowed us to be our natural, holistic selves. He protected us from the constant pestering of brainwashed nurses trying to force vaccinations on us and the almost constant interruptions that were very draining to a mother who has just given birth. His surgical skill is incredible. You couldn't even see the scar from the c-section when he was done! He is well studied in all aspects of holistic health and seeks that magical balance between holism and allopathy, offering his patients the best of both worlds. He is an unusual medical doctor in that he highly values the opinions of midwives and doulas. He is a man that has love and reverence for females, and it shows in his kind and gentle demeanor with them. Many will be aware that this is not common, sadly! I can't recommend Nathan highly enough!

Paul Chek
Holistic Health Practitioner
Founder, Chek Institute


As a midwife, my experience collaborating with OB/GYNs rarely felt like a meeting of minds but more like a power struggle. That is, until I had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Nathan Riley. Having a trusted and expert resource is invaluable, especially when we share the same goal, the well-being of the patient.

Sara Rosser, CPM
Midwife on The Farm in Summerton, TN


Nathan is a gift to humanity. His knowledge is vast and his care for humanity, deeply felt. As an OBGYN he not only possesses the ‘book’ knowledge, he knows how to distill the information and share it without fear. His values are that of enthusiastic informed consent and he possess a deep trust in biology. He is grounded in research and yet, not afraid to live by the heart. I am grateful to have Nathan in my metaphorical back pocket, and so should you.

Jennifer Summerfeldt, MACP, CCC
Perinatal Mental Health Therapist
Chief Empathy Officer (CEO)|ASK Therapy


Nathan is an amazing doctor!  When I was in labor with my second child, my blood pressure started to rise and my midwife recommended I go to the hospital to get checked and rule out preeclampsia. My regular doctor was on vacation and Dr. Riley was standing in for him. I was hesitant to give birth with a doctor I had never met but my attitude quickly changed once I met Dr Riley, as he was attentive and fully present. He went out of his way to make sure my needs were met at the hospital – which included telling the nurses not to pester me about vaccinating my child.  He also wanted to make sure my birthing experience was as close to my home birth that I had envisioned.  I ended up having to have a c-section after nearly three days of labor when we discovered my baby was asynclitic – which meant her head was rotated and turned towards a shoulder, making her not able to get down the birth canal. I was saddened by this scenario, but Dr. Riley made it special by asking me if I wanted to play music during the surgery.  I was so excited because I had made a custom sound track for when she was born and it was so incredible to be able to hear it during the procedure. Dr. Riley also took extra care to clean up my previous c-section scar and his incision was so immaculate that my scar is like a pencil line on my abdomen. Dr. Riley took the time to follow up with me and make sure baby and I were ok.  This was so special for us – how many doctors would actually take the time to get to know their patients on that level?! Dr. Riley is a special soul who really cares about the people he treats.

Angie Chek
Certified nutritionist
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Mother of Two


Nathan is not only an amazing doctor and supporter of women and women’s health but a true healer and a fantastic human. My life and work in the birth realm and in educating midwives has been enriched by Nathan, and I’m so grateful for the energy and expertise he brings to the table as a collaborator. Whether it’s sharing his extensive medical knowledge or his knowingness in the realm of mystery around birth and death, Nathan remains one of my most treasured resources.

Maryn Green, CPM/Independent Midwife
Co-Founder, Indie Birth Midwifery School,
Host of Taking Back Birth Podcast


We met Dr. Riley when we delivered our first child back in 2018. My husband and I took hypnobirthing classes prior to the delivery, and Dr. Riley was the perfect physician to deliver our precious child respecting how we wanted to deliver. He was incredibly passionate, encouraging, and professional. When he introduced himself he let us know that he supported and encouraged us having the delivery experience that we hoped for. During delivery, he made sure to use oils to relax my tissue before my daughter was born. My husband and the nurse were trying to remind me how to breathe, but it wasn’t until Dr. Riley took the time to explain what they were telling me to do, that I remembered how I needed to breathe. After my daughter was born, we had the opportunity to talk. He answered our many questions, including showing us my placenta, and explaining the “placenta lakes” that I had during the pregnancy. It was evident to us almost immediately that Dr. Riley was a physician in his own league. He truly cares about his patients, and takes the time to let them know that. He does not treat you like a number, like the vast majority of physicians do. He genuinely has his patients’ best interests first. We were honored to befriend Dr. Riley and his wife, and the way he treats his patients is definitely an extension of the love and care that they exude as a couple, to all those that cross their paths. This year we had our second baby, and although Dr. Riley was no longer practicing in the same state that we live in, he still came to our rescue to help when we needed it. After delivery I developed a kidney infection, and it happened on a weekend when I was not able to get a hold of my physician. Dr. Riley gave his medical advice and even got in touch with my physician to let her know the plan that he put me on to rid my infection. This was yet another example of the unique care that Dr. Riley offers. By continuing to help a patient who lives thousands of miles away, where he would gain no profit, other than knowing that he helped someone.

Kendra Witowich, RDH
Mother of Two


Dr. Riley worked with our family during the birth of our son and my experience changed the way I will see doctors forever. With the utmost trust and professionalism during a challenging time, his care was divinely orchestrated to bring our son home healthy and well. Dr. Riley is the true definition of an embodied man, father, and MD who brings a breath of fresh air to medical care. He sees 360° and delivers a true holistic approach to healing. I have no idea what we would’ve done to navigate our challenges if it was not for the grace and talents of Dr. Riley.

Josh Trent
CEO, Wellness Force Media

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I met Dr. Riley when I was brought to the Emergency Room for a pregnancy loss. He went above and beyond to make sure I was not only treated medically but also emotionally. I truly felt as if he knew exactly how I was feeling. I am forever grateful for his care and kindness. I highly recommend Dr. Riley to anyone looking for quality OBGYN care. He manages to be highly skilled and professional while also being an extremely compassionate and authentic human.

Lacey Carroll
Mother of two (soon to be three)

Lacey Carroll
Mother of two (soon to be three)


I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Nathan Riley, for several different issues over the last few months. As a midwife, I have had several collaborative care providers over the last 20 years. I have to say that I’ve never had one quite like Dr. Riley! His medical knowledge is well rounded and his beliefs about the human body and nutrition are right on target with the home-birth community. For my patients, he was very thorough in listing the risks, possibilities and options. Ultimately, each time, he trusted the patient to make their own choices. I appreciate his wisdom and willingness to share it with others. I am blessed to have him available, as are many other midwives and home birth parents.

Kathy Williams, CPM-TN, LCPM
Author, Born at Home with Blessings


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