You co-created your birth experience (whether you liked it or not) with Eyla Cuenca

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You co-created your birth experience (whether you liked it or not) with Eyla Cuenca

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Eyla is a pretty radical woman. In this episode, she and I riff on radical accountability in birth. After all, you aren’t entitled to having your dream birth, let alone a living baby at the end of the journey. But this is meant to discourage you; it’s meant to empower you. Certain things are in your control, and the likelihood of something catastrophic happening in your birth will be much lower if you do your best to control what’s going into your body and how you are showing up in your birth. For too long, women have been gaslit around what’s right for their bodies and babies, yet if you aren’t getting a “hell yes” intuitively to interventions in your pregnancy, then why appease the powers that be and nod along with the program? Nobody will be rushing to your rescue if somebody bad happens at the hands of doctors or midwives, so the decisions ultimately fall to you, not to them. This is a big part of Eyla’s work. She also specializes in pregnancy loss, which our society does an inferior job of supporting. You’re going to be amped as f*ck after listening to this one!

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