Kemi Johnson: A conversation on radical change by challenging maternity care

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Kemi Johnson: A conversation on radical change by challenging maternity care

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Kemi Johnson, a passionate mother, birth keeper, and activist, fearlessly challenges the flawed system in maternity care perpetuated by certain healthcare professionals. She questions the mainstream approach, lamenting the loss of autonomy among midwives who conform to what she calls the "toxic jab" of the COVID-19 vaccine. Kemi criticizes the Chief Midwifery Officer for allegedly coercing pregnant individuals into taking the experimental vaccine without sufficient safety data. She admires the few midwives who prioritize principles over conformity, expressing concern about external control over the profession. Kemi calls for radical change and independent thinking to restore respect and integrity to the field.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kemi's mission is to create a supportive and nurturing community. She understands the impact of fear and isolation on individuals and believes in fostering togetherness despite differing opinions. Recognizing the vital role of birth workers in ensuring future generations' well-being, she responds to the call for unity and support. Kemi knows that breaking free from fear-driven narratives requires a collective effort, and she is determined to make a difference.

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