The real science from real practitioners on the safety of childhood vaccines with retired pediatrician Paul Thomas, MD

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The real science from real practitioners on the safety of childhood vaccines with retired pediatrician Paul Thomas, MD

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Paul Thomas, MD, is a retired pediatrician who has battled for sovereignty as a physician, fighting endless battles with the medical board of Oregon throughout his career. The point of contention has also been his unwillingness to compromise informed consent related to vaccine schedules. He is the author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan (co-authored with Jennifer Margulis), and he has otherwise published various studies and papers confronting the narrative that pumping kids full of vaccines is invariably a “good” approach. A study from his own pediatrics practice of over 3000 children, some of whom were fully vaccinated and many others who were variably or fully vaccinated, provides the luxury of comparing the long-term health and behavioral outcomes for parents considering taking the route of vaccinating versus forgoing vaccines altogether. Unfortunately, this original research paper was retracted from the peer-reviewed journal that initially accepted it for publication… and the reasons were what you might expect: “Defy the mainstream narrative, and you will suffer the consequence”. Science be damned. I hope you love this conversation as much as I did!

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